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Austral Granos: Gluten-free oatmeal experts in Chile

It’s estimated that 2% of the world population is allergic to gluten, presenting celiac disease consisting of permanent intolerance to this component, a protein present in wheat, barley and rye and due to cross-contamination can affect the incorporation of oat flakes in the diet of people who have this disease.

On the other hand, the consumption of cereals has been increasing over the years and known are the diets that incorporate these type of products in order to promote a healthy diet that contributes to the elimination of fats and sugar in daily life.

However, there is a constant battle between the beneficial properties of the mentioned cereals versus the capacity of absorption of this type of food by celiac people. Therefore, the market of gluten-free products has also increased its development, but still scarce at least in Chile.

Austral Granos is the first Chilean company specialized in the manufacture of gluten-free oats, which is carried out by means of technical procedures and certified with high quality standards.

Although this cereal doesn’t have large amounts of gluten, its consumption isn’t recommended for intolerant people due to the cross contamination that can be generated with the development of other crops.

But making gluten-free oat flakes & Gluten Free Rolled Oats wasn’t easy for this company; more than a year of research meant making products that are now considered suitable for celiacs, which were approved by the corresponding authorities thanks to the sanitized production process called «competitive Elisa» that focuses on concepts such as:

On the other hand, this company not only produces gluten-free oats, but also develops a variety of first-class products such as:

  • Instant oat flakes
  • Endosperm oat meal
  • Whole-grain oatmeal
  • Oat bran
  • Stabilized peeled oats (groat)
  • Whole grain oats flakes
  • Flavored oatmeal, among others.

Each product of Austral Granos is manufactured by a very thorough production process and that includes the reception of the raw material, the pre-cleaning, cleaning, peeling, thermal treatment, cutting, rolling and grinding for later package and distribute the production. Making possible the sell of first quality and certified oats.


Web: http://www.australgranos.com
Mail: contacto@australgranos.cl
Number: +56452535433
Address: Ercilla 195, Pillanlelbún, Lautaro, Chile.

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